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Introducing the "Fracture - Fiona Krüger x Perpétuel": Limited to seven pieces, this watch challenges conventions with its unique 'cracked' dial, revealing the complexity of the Agenhor movement beneath. Inspired by Swiss rock formations, the dial is meticulously hand-polished, showcasing a perfect alignment of sun-brushing across its halves. Crafted by Comblémine, Krüger describes the dial as "edgy yet elegant," bringing a punk spirit to traditional watchmaking.

The watch features a recycled titanium case, polished split dauphin hands, a crown at 12 o’clock, and a two-tone green and copper color scheme mirroring the Perpétuel Gallery. In line with Krüger's eco-friendly ethos, the case is made from recycled Swiss watch industry metal, with a strap crafted from apple "leather" and a presentation box constructed from seaweed paper. Fracture is a testament to Krüger's exploration of the essence of time, a new language within watchmaking where rules are meant to be broken.