Big 8 London Edition

The Urban Jürgensen Big 8 ‘London Edition’ is a stunning homage to classic British racing heritage, featuring a rich British racing green dial crafted from solid silver and finished with a Clous de Paris pattern. The dial undergoes a meticulous PVD coloring process, creating a deep, iconic hue. The watch features handmade, solid white gold 'Observatoire' hands, thermally blued to a unique navy color, and set in a 40 mm stainless steel case with distinctive teardrop lugs. Powered by the upgraded Caliber FP 1160 movement, it boasts a 21k gold guilloché rotor and a 48-hour power reserve. Limited to just 10 pieces, each watch is individually numbered and comes with custom-made curved Bordeaux and Carcassonne nubuck straps, plus an Urban Jürgensen stainless steel tang buckle. This exquisite timepiece exemplifies Urban Jürgensen's commitment to traditional craftsmanship and timeless design.



A Legacy of Excellence

Urban Jürgensen is a name synonymous with horological mastery and innovation, tracing its roots back to the late 18th century. Founded by Jürgen Jürgensen and his son Urban Jürgensen, the brand has been a pioneer in the watch industry, establishing a lasting Danish-Swiss connection that has endured for over 240 years.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

In 1985, the brand was revitalized by Peter Baumberger and master horologist Derek Pratt, who infused new life into Urban Jürgensen by continuing its tradition of elegant and complex timepieces. Their commitment to performance, stability, and aesthetic excellence set new standards in watchmaking.

Timeless Design

Urban Jürgensen's designs are characterized by their timeless appeal and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand's iconic pieces, such as the Big 8, are celebrated for their exquisite details and the quiet, undeniable quality of each component. The blend of historical influence and modern innovation ensures that every Urban Jürgensen watch is a masterpiece.

Innovative Movements

The brand’s timepieces are powered by movements that are as beautiful as they are precise. From the modified F. Piguet calibers to the hand-decorated gold rotors, Urban Jürgensen watches are a testament to the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking. The intricate mechanics and superior timekeeping abilities reflect the brand’s dedication to horological excellence.

A Commitment to Quality

Urban Jürgensen continues to uphold its legacy by producing watches that honor its storied past while embracing the future. The use of traditional methods, combined with modern advancements, ensures that each watch is not only a work of art but also a reliable companion for discerning collectors and enthusiasts.

Experience the heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance of Urban Jürgensen—a brand where history and innovation converge to create exceptional timepieces.