This unique creation features a 35mm diameter stainless steel Calatrava-style case with a crisp stepped bezel, perfectly framing the captivating galvanic gilt dial, created exclusively for Shellman Japan. The elegant black sector dial is adorned with applied Breguet numerals and silvered tracks, showcasing small seconds. Utilizing a reliable Omega cal. 226 base, the cal. 18 is a manual movement meticulously modified and hand-finished to the highest standards. The movement's finishing style, chosen by the owner, boasts côtes de Genève decoration, palladium-plated bridges, and 18K rose gold-plated wheels, epitomizing the firm's dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.



A Legacy of Excellence

Atelier de Chronométrie embodies a legacy of precision and artistry in the world of haute horology. Established by a team of passionate watchmakers, the brand is committed to redefining traditional watchmaking with innovative techniques and uncompromising quality.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

Founded on a deep reverence for horological traditions, Atelier de Chronométrie celebrates craftsmanship at its finest. Each timepiece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who uphold the brand’s dedication to excellence. Drawing inspiration from historical techniques and contemporary innovation, Atelier de Chronométrie watches are distinguished by their exquisite detailing and impeccable finishing.

Timeless Design

Atelier de Chronométrie’s designs epitomize timeless elegance and sophistication. From classic dress watches to intricately detailed complications, each piece reflects a harmonious blend of heritage-inspired aesthetics and modern sensibilities. The brand’s commitment to meticulous design ensures that every watch is not only a functional timekeeping instrument but also a work of art.

Innovative Movements

Central to Atelier de Chronométrie’s philosophy is the pursuit of mechanical perfection. The brand’s in-house movements are renowned for their precision and reliability, showcasing innovative features and meticulous hand-finishing. From complex tourbillons to sophisticated chronographs, Atelier de Chronométrie movements embody the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking expertise.

A Commitment to Quality

Atelier de Chronométrie maintains a steadfast commitment to quality, using only the finest materials and rigorous testing processes. Each watch undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure exceptional performance and durability. This dedication to excellence ensures that every Atelier de Chronométrie timepiece is a testament to superior craftsmanship and enduring value.

The Essence of Atelier de Chronométrie

Experience the heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless allure of Atelier de Chronométrie—a brand where tradition meets innovation to create extraordinary timepieces. With a legacy built on passion and precision, Atelier de Chronométrie continues to push the boundaries of horological artistry, offering discerning collectors and enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of watchmaking excellence.