The Adventurer

Since 1926, Nivada Grenchen has been a trailblazer in watchmaking, introducing automatic watches in 1930 and the first waterproof automatic movement, 'the Antarctic', in 1950. Used by the American Navy during their South Pole expedition in 1956, the brand gained renown for robust, reliable creations. By the 1960s, their distinctive portfolio included three notable collections: The Chronomaster, Seadiver, and Aviator.


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Perpétuel x JZPerpétuel x JZ
Nivada Grenchen Sale priceAED 3,300.00
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First EditionFirst Edition
Nivada Grenchen Sale priceAED 12,390.00
First Edition Stainless steel - Double domed Sapphire Glass
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Second EditionSecond Edition
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Second Edition Stainless steel - Double Domed Sapphire Glass