NOVEMBER 16th - 20th


Your gateway to an exclusive opportunity to connect with some of the world's foremost independent and fine watchmakers in the heart of Dubai. Embark on a horological journey like no other as we invite you to immerse yourself in the meticulous craftsmanship that defines the art of timekeeping.

At Perpétuel Gallery, we curate an unparalleled collection of timepieces that embody precision, innovation, and a passion for the artistry of watchmaking. Our space serves as a meeting point for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and collectors alike, providing a unique platform to explore and appreciate the masterpieces created by some of the most revered independent watchmakers globally.

Join us in this extraordinary experience, where every tick of the clock resonates with the dedication and skill invested in each timepiece. Discover the stories behind the watches, meet the visionaries shaping the future of horology, and witness craftsmanship at its finest.

Perpétuel Gallery is not just a destination; it's a celebration of the timeless art of watchmaking. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of fine watches, our gallery invites you to be part of an exclusive community that appreciates the beauty, precision, and heritage that each watch represents.

Step into Perpétuel Gallery in Dubai and let the world of horology unfold before your eyes. Experience the magic of time captured in exquisite craftsmanship, and join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of independent and fine watchmaking.

Walk-in, free entry.


Opening Day

Anticipation builds for the upcoming grand opening of Perpétuel Gallery in Dubai, where aficionados will have the unique opportunity to witness the unveiling of extraordinary timepieces by renowned watchmakers Krayon, Oscillon, and Lederer. Join us on this eagerly awaited day to immerse yourself in the world of horological excellence and experience the cutting-edge craftsmanship that defines these distinguished brands.


Day Two

As day two unfolds at Perpétuel Gallery in Dubai, the excitement continues to soar as horology enthusiasts delve into the captivating world of exceptional timepieces. Today's spotlight features exclusive showcases by the esteemed watchmakers Theo Auffret, Simon Brette, and Singer Reimagined, allowing attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the innovative designs and precision that define these masters in the realm of independent watchmaking.


Day Three

Step into day three at Perpétuel Gallery in Dubai, where we eagerly welcome back British watchmaker Roger W Smith. Alongside Roger W. Smith, immerse yourself in the exceptional craftsmanship of Atelier de Chronométrie and the distinctive designs of Luca Soprana, while also exploring the artistry of Charles Simon in exquisite leather accessories.


Day Four

Embark on the fourth day of Perpétuel Gallery's captivating journey in Dubai, as we extend a warm welcome to the Dubai Watch Club. Join us in celebrating their unique perspective on timekeeping alongside the unveiling of our limited edition collaboration with the visionary Fiona Krüger. Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Beauregard and the timeless elegance of Le Rhöne, as each brand contributes to the rich tapestry of horological excellence. Day four promises an immersive experience, where the convergence of innovation and artistry takes center stage.


Final Day

On our final day, indulge in the allure of Furlan Marri timepieces displayed throughout the day. Join us in the afternoon for captivating talks with the visionaries behind the brand, as they share stories and inspirations behind their exceptional creations. This marks a perfect conclusion to Perpétuel Gallery's five days-long celebration of horological artistry.