Preserving Time with Unrivaled Tradition

In the heart of Swiss watchmaking, Oscillon stands as a bastion of pure, unadulterated tradition. Weaving a narrative that harkens back to a bygone era, we craft Swiss watches with the same meticulous attention to detail as our predecessors did a century ago. Each machine in our workshop represents a piece of Swiss horological history, making the manufacture of every Oscillon watch a journey back in time.

We embrace a long and painstaking approach to watchmaking, for quality cannot be rushed. Every moment invested in the creation of our timepieces is an investment in lasting value. At Oscillon, we manufacture our watches entirely on-site, from A to Z, ensuring that our passion and skill resonate in every component, down to the smallest detail.

Our commitment to lasting value is reflected in our patient craftsmanship, where only five watches leave our workshop each year. Utilizing old manually operated machines and the expertise of skilled watchmakers, each watch is a unique masterpiece, bearing the imprint of its creator. This passion and professional pride infuse every Oscillon timepiece with a sense of enduring worth.

For Oscillon, the culmination of their craft lies in the Fundamentum—the winding up of the watch for the first time. From milling the wheels and pinions to the first oscillation of the balance wheel, each moment is a testament to the dedication and precision with which they work. It is a moment of truth, a culmination of our journey—a tribute to the time invested and the artistry of Swiss watchmaking.

At Oscillon, they stand as guardians of time, preserving tradition and craftsmanship in every tick and tock of their watches.