A Decade of Excellence in Swiss Horology

Since its inception in 2013, Le Rhöne has epitomized genuine, transparent Swiss watchmaking. Inspired by the majestic Rhône River, its timepieces pay tribute to nature's harmony while embodying Swiss precision and a 10-year guarantee.

As Le Rhöne celebrates its 10th anniversary, it honors the people and expertise behind its success with its "Human Tempö" signature. Rooted in tradition yet driven by innovation, Le Rhöne's collections showcase Swiss savoir-faire, offering technical sophistication and timeless design.

Crafted within a 200-kilometer radius in Switzerland, Le Rhöne watches are certified for chronometric excellence and traceable through Blockchain technology. As it enters its second decade, Le Rhöne continues to redefine haute horlogerie, inviting enthusiasts to experience craftsmanship, passion, and timeless elegance firsthand.