Excelsior Park

A story of History

Inspired by its own marvelous past to create timeless design Founded by Jules-Frederic Jeanneret in 1866 in the humble Swiss municipality of Saint Imier, Excelsior emerged as one of the pioneers of the chronograph, registering its first patent in 1891.

After falling victim to the quartz crisis in 1983, the brand seemed to be viewed as obsolete. Korius group, a board of watchmaking industry experts, inspired by the brand's history, revived Excelsior Park in 2020 and now the brand marries its traditional know-how with modern watchmaking techniques, showcasing the brand in a new, brighter light. Excelsior Park today aims to protect the extensive history of the brand by presenting timepieces that remind the collector of the brand's heyday, whilst inviting them to observe the story in a new perspective.