Théo Auffret

Parisienne Perfection

La haute horlogerie indépendante of an award-winning watchmaker

Théo Auffret is leading the charge for young watchmakers in Paris with his eponymous and independent brand, one tourbillon at a time. The young man gained an interest in watches when he once found himself in a watch shop near his hometown of Poissy. Before long, in 2012, Auffret decided to bid farewell to traditional engineering school and apprentice under an independent horologist who specialized in the repair of vintage clocks before becoming the apprentice of the independent watchmaker Jean-Baptiste Viot. Inspired by Viot, as well as the watchmaker F.P. Journe, Théo went on to be one of the three winners in the FHH and F.P. Journe sponsored Young Talent Competition, with his Tourbillon à Paris that features its regulator-style dial, large, hand-made tourbillon, and sterling silver case.

Today Auffret is producing Tourbillon à Paris pieces, his first serial produced watch. The 38.5mm watch is available in platinum, gold, silver, titanium and steel, with the glasses being available in either sapphire or mineral glass crystal.