Return and Refund Policy


Last updated: MAR, 2022

Any transactions with Perpétuel means that you unequivocally accept the following terms and conditions of purchase:


Perpétuel Gallery Limited has a strict No Refund policy.

Please ensure that you are certain in your purchasing decision before commencing to pay for your order. Finalizing and paying for your order will mean that you unequivocally understand and accept that you forfeit the right to cancellations and refunds for any reason whatsoever, even in the pre-order stage. As all the items are limited edition items that are in high demand, this policy allows us to prevent hoarding/fraud and ensures that the product reaches the hands of real buyers and fans. In the events of manufacture defect, the watch will be replaced at no extra cost and Perpétuel gallery will bear all additional shipping and handling costs associated with the return/replacement of the purchase. In extreme circumstances of cancellations, 30% of the retail value of the item will be deducted to cover all additional expenses (card transaction, shipping costs, platform costs, etc).

Shipping dates

Before making a purchase, please refer to the product pages on the shipping advisory. Estimated shipping advisories are subjected to changes due to Covid 19 restrictions and quality control standards.

Multiple purchases

To combat the existing reseller problem, we have a stringent one watch per customer policy. In the case of duplicate purchases, our system will detect this and one order will be canceled.

Precautions against resale accounts

Accounts that are suspected of being linked to reseller profiles will be banned immediately. We will take measures to prevent future purchases by such accounts.

Payment provider/Credit card errors

If a credit card error occurs at checkout, it is primarily due to either the security policies or restrictions put in place by your card issuer, and not our payments transactions provider. Please ensure that your card has overseas purchases enabled before you participate in this order. Please note that our payments provider will put in place strict verification processes such as OTP codes and matching addresses to your card.

Alternatively, you might want to consider alternative payment options such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. Please note that for Apple Pay, a Safari browser is necessary for it to work.

Loss of package/Custom delays

We will only use DHL Express from the point of origin for all local international orders. Please refer to DHL’s terms of service in your respective country should you require more information on shipping terms, conditions, and requirements.

You understand that any loss of packages or customs delays shall not be within the purview of Perpétuel, and any claims and correspondence shall be with DHL, or with your country’s customs authority. While Perpétuel shall provide assistance with regards to paperwork on a best effort basis, you understand that Perpétuel shall not be held liable for any matter with this regard.

Additional Measures to stem Speculation and Unauthorized Resale


Warranty for Limited Edition Items

  • Warranty or service claims within the first six months of receiving your watch by anyone other than the original buyer on record will be rejected.
  • Warranty for any watches discovered on the resale market within the first six months will be voided.


VAT/GST/Excise Taxes/Custom Duty

Please note that you have not been charged domestic VAT or related taxes at the point of order, DHL, or the local delivery courier used may require you to pay the necessary VAT/GST/excise taxes/custom duty applicable to your country of receipt before releasing the shipment. These taxes are unique to your country of domicile, and we shall not be held responsible for the payment of such taxes, except for local domestic taxes. Perpétuel Gallery is not responsible for the cost of local customs duty or additional taxes or VAT outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Exchanges & Repairs (Warranty)

All items are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer before they leave the factory for shipping. In the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged during transit, you may be eligible for a one-to-one exchange. Eligibility for exchange shall be on a case-by-case basis and only after your return is received and inspected. We will notify you of the approval or rejection of your exchange.

If you are approved, a new watch (if stock is available) shall be shipped to you without charge. If stock is unavailable, we will offer either a replacement of the affected part(s), a repair, or a refund.

We only repair or replace items if they are defective or damaged in transit. You will need to send pictures of the exterior of the shipping package in its entirety to help in your claim. You will be requested to take a picture of your warranty card to ensure the information tallies with your original order details as well. From there, we will make the necessary arrangements.

Please note that repairs may take up to 2-3 months depending on the condition of the watch. If you are uncomfortable with the waiting time, do consider before sending your watch back to the repair center.